Red River Parish Library Board of Control

August 15 2014

The last meeting of the Red River Parish Library Board of Control was called to order at 9:30am by President Elizabeth Lester on May 12, 2014 with the following members in attendance: Elizabeth Lester, Barbara Brister, Ardis Almond, Tommy Glenn Jones, Ann Shaw, Shawn Beard, Trey Lewis and Jill Byttner.

The minutes were approved as read by a motion from Ann Shaw and a second from Barbara Brister. We discussed the DA’s recommendation for 7 board members and setting new terms accordingly 1-5 years.  We signed the bid from Library Interiors for our library furnishings which will include removal of existing shelving in the old building and reintegrating it into the new facility.

Upon a motion from Ardis Almond and a second from Ann Shaw we accepted the new program room policy with two changes to the original. Changing the age requirements from 25 to 21 years and adding that the room must be cleaned to the satisfaction of the library before the deposit is returned.

Upon a motion from Mr. Almond and a second from Mrs. Brister we adopted and updated hiring/nepotism policy which will limit hiring of relatives of existing staff or board.

The low bid from H and W demolition was accepted by a Motion from Ann Shaw and a second from Barbara Brister. Upon complete exit of the old facility and disposition of left over equipment and materials the building will be demolished to make room for a much needed parking area.   We also asked Mr. Beard to look into the possibility of Cleco adding a street light on the parking lot to aid in visibility at night.

Barbara Brister and Trey Lewis reported on their buying trip to Shreveport to purchase the needed refrigerators, stove and ice maker.

There being no more business to discuss the meeting was adjourned at 10:35 after a motion from Barbara Brister and a second from Ardis Almond.

New Business:

Approve May-July bills

New terms of the Board members as set forth by the Police Jury in there June 16 2014 meeting will be as follows:


6-17-14—-12-31-15   Mr. Ardis Almond and Mrs. Barbara Brister

6-17-14—-12-31-16   Mrs Betty Lester and Mr. Bob Harris (new appointee)

6-17-14—-12-31-17   Mrs. Alvester Barfield

6-17-14—-12-31-18   Mr. Tommy Jones

6-17-14—-12-31-19   Mrs. Ann Shaw


We would like to welcome our newest Board member Mr. Bob Harris. I can’t think of a better choice for a Board member than Mr. Harris and I am sure his background and interest in the library will serve us well.

New library laws : Libraries must now post board meeting minutes to their websites and leave them there for at least 6 months.  We must post in the library paperwork to report perceived fraud and thievery of public funds as well.

Landscaping :  After running an ad in the Citizen requesting bids on our landscaping project I received none.  I therefore accepted the one bid I had received  earlier from Misuraka’s Landscaping out of Natchitoches.

Water Problems:  As most of you know there is some problem with water volume on our end of town.  The mayor and Representative Kenny Cox are working to find both a short-term and long term fix for this problem.    If that works our problems are solved, if not we will still be able to open the library on a temporary easement basis but will have to spend money for a fire watch in order to do so.

Spray foam installation. We hired an outside company to complete spray foam coating required by the fire marshal. This was done due to time constraints.

Move in:  We have substantial completion and with luck can begin the move across next week when the furniture arrives.  Fire marshal has no problem with a temporary permit even if the water volume isn’t up to par yet.  Hopefully this will be set by Friday but it appears we will begin furniture installation on Wednesday the 20th.  To that end, Tuesday will be our last day open in the old building.  If you are in agreement, we plan to reopen in the new facility on Sept 8.  This will be after the Labor Day holiday and should give us sufficient time to move everything and get the bugs worked out of the new equipment.

Maintenance Worker:  I received several applications for maintenance worker.  My plan is to hire someone probably 3 days a week to keep things up outside and in and then hire a person once a week to come inside the library and do a thorough cleaning.  This way I am hoping the maintenance won’t get away from us because there is much to do in a building this side with this much floor and glass.

Phone/Data: We have the backbone of our data system in place now. We are using voice over IP and will go with 8×8 instead of ATT for the phone and data network.  Detel will continue to provide our internet service.  We will have to keep our two ATT lines, to monitor the security and sprinkler system, but it will be basic service and cost little.  8×8 is a fraction of what ATT was costing us and all is covered by a grant I write each year which reimburses us 90%.

Our Mural is installed and it looks great. Cindy Shaw did it for us in a day and she was remarkable.

Display Cabinets:  I searched high and low for appropriate display cabinets for the library.  I ended up with one company’s product looking best for our needs.  I would like to purchase 3 at this time.

Open House: We have decided to do a library open house rather than a sit down dedication. Parking considerations was one of the biggest factors on that.  We plan on taking an afternoon and having people come at their own pace to take a tour of the place, have a donut and look things over.   Timing on this should be the last week in September.  Committee report.

End of year Budget Meeting: Our final meeting of the year is scheduled for Oct 17, 2014. This will be our annual budgetary meeting.

This coming year’s budget will be a work in progress as I have no way of knowing what anything is going to cost from utility bills right on down. After we have a year in the building it will be back to status quo and nothing much will change.

Other business

Motion to adjourn.